Partnering with an International Financial Services Provider to conduct Multi-layered Assessments for hiring and promotions-01-01

The Objective

To transform the hiring and promotion assessments deployed for various grades and roles of individual contributors and project managers

The Challenge

The previous in-house process was pen and paper-based and effort-intensive for its talent acquisition and management teams.

The Experience

We collaborated with them to design and deploy multi-layered assessments with the help of digital tools. A typical process starts with a nomination, followed by orientation, sharing of guidelines, assessment exercises, and report sharing. Some key actions taken by the Think Talent team are as follows –

  • The assessment packages were selected in consultation with the client based on the grade and contribution.
  • The content was curated as per the work context.
  • Logistical planning and execution were completed within the given time frame.
  • Orientation calls and an extensive support process were rolled out for all stakeholders to ensure a seamless experience.

Historical data was analyzed to derive group-level insights that can act as catalysts for future development.

The Impact

All the features requested were incorporated into the self-paced exercises to provide better insights and information. The prompt technical support ensured that the work was collaborative in delivery and execution. The project began in 2016 with a mix of physical and virtual assessments. Presently the process has entirely transitioned to virtual mode with a pre-configured platform.