Leadership Development

Project Brief:

A reputed healthcare technology organization had been facing many execution challenges. These challenges had arisen from misalignment in the top team, which was spread over three different countries- India, USA, and Singapore. Hence, the healthcare tech giant was looking to conduct a 360-feedback process to improve the effectiveness and alignment of these 20 senior managers. The session was designed to provide individual 360 surveys, which would be followed by a workshop to drive further alignment on key issues.

Since this was the first time the organization was conducting such a survey, the process needed to be conducted with great care and preparation. The geographical diversity of the participant group meant that the survey would be a blend of face-to-face feedback for the 10 team members in India and virtual feedback for those located abroad.



Success Levers

To begin, Think Talent conducted a brief diagnosis by interviewing 7-8 employees in the organization – participants as well their managers and those who reported directly to them. Using the insights and data received from the diagnosis, our standard leadership questionnaire was slightly customized to make it even more relevant and specific to the organizational context.

To ensure that the survey was effective, an orientation session was conducted for more than 80 employees as this was their debut 360 feedback.

Upon completion of the Orientation, the participants were requested to provide a list of respondents across different relationship levels. This list was validated by the HR team before being uploaded to the 360 system. The feedback survey was deployed together for all the participants, with the client’s team having an online dashboard to track the progress of each individual survey. Apart from this, the system was also programmed to send reminders to the respondents every alternate day. With very few follow-ups, the entire process was completed in 3 weeks.

With the inputs from the respondents, Individual Reports were generated and shared directly with each of the participants. A one-to-one feedback session was scheduled for each participant where they reflected on some key questions with the help of a facilitator and crafted a personal Individual Development Plan. At the end of the process, a Group Report was also created and shared with the CEO.



The Outcome

Through this 360-degree feedback, the organization and their team were able to achieve key goals: