How a leading retailer used Think Talent NEXT 360 feedback surveys to drive the effectiveness of the top 30 senior leaders in the organization.


Project Brief:

A reputed ethnic wear retailer in India was undergoing rapid expansion. Consequently, a new set of senior management professionals had been brought in to supplement the leadership strength in the organization. The highly entrepreneurial culture of the retailer made it a little difficult for these leaders to fit in. The top leadership decided to provide development feedback to the top 30 senior leaders. They wanted to give them inputs on how their behavior was being perceived by others. This would enable them to make adjustments to their behavior.



Success Levers

Given that this would be the first time the organization as conducting a 360 process for the employees, it was important to ensure that potential participants and respondents understood the process and were assured about the confidentiality of their responses. Also, a customized questionnaire was required given the unique entrepreneurial culture of the organization and the competencies the senior leaders wanted the process to focus on.



The Solution

Think Talent, with inputs from the HR team of the client organization, created a customized questionnaire. It focused on the 6 most relevant competencies along with the modified language of statements to ensure alignment to the organization’s structure.

Once the orientation communication was completed, the participants were requested to provide a list of respondents across different relationship levels. This list was validated by the HR team before being uploaded to the Think Talent NEXT 360 system. The 360 surveys were deployed together for all participants with the client team having an online dashboard to track the progress of each of the surveys. The system was also configured to send reminders to the respondents every alternate day. With some follow-ups, the survey process was completed in 3 weeks.



The Outcome

Based on the inputs by the participants, Individual Reports were generated and shared with each. A One-on-One feedback session was scheduled for each participant where they reflected on some key questions with the help of a facilitator and crafted a personal IDP. At the end of the process, a group report was also created and shared with the CEO.