360 feedback

Project Brief:

A major insurance organization targeted improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their in-house 360° Feedback Process. The existing process was extremely time and cost-intensive due to its high dependency on outdated tools and the number of contractual staff involved. Furthermore, it was cumbersome to generate customized reports across levels with a quick turnaround time. They were looking for a secure, user-friendly, and customizable tech platform that would solve the current challenges and speed up their employee development plans. Hence, we partnered with them to customize and deploy Think Talent’s proprietary 360° Feedback Platform to meet the challenge.



Understanding the Needs

We went on to have in-depth conversations with the client to understand their key concerns. The primary requirement was to host the program at scale and streamline the existing process. They wanted the platform to cater to complex needs such as a simple yet intuitive user interface, all while retaining the primary features of the existing process. Bespoke customizations were done as per the organizational context.

01 Understanding the Needs


Program Design

The program was designed in-house by the client for its key players in top management and senior management. They used our proprietary 360° Feedback Platform to host the entire process virtually across multiple locations. The survey was based on four types of leadership levers, i.e., customer centricity, learning agility, effective execution, and people championship. 

Two different questionnaires, relevant to the two crucial career stages of the feedback seeker base, were deployed. Reports were customized as per requirement, keeping the branding and key aspects of the existing process intact. The program was deployed in two phases of three months each. The platform is hosted on a secure dedicated server. Key features such as customizable survey instruments, automated report generation, and a dashboard to track progress aided the entire process. (9)


Program Flow

The program began by tailoring feedback questionnaires to the client’s specifications. The HR team chose the cohort of feedback seekers and respondents for uploading onto the platform. Post the completion of the pilot run, the program went live and invitation emails with credentials were sent out to the participants. The progress was closely tracked with the dashboard. Following the completion of the survey, customized reports were generated and shared with the client team in order to create development plans for the participants.


Program Spotlight

The shift from the traditional process to Think Talent’s 360° Feedback proprietary platform helped the client to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole program. Below are a few highlights that took the spotlight – 


Success Metrics

The revamped 360° feedback process garnered much appreciation from the client. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform were the topmost highlights. The platform experience was seamless for the participants, considering less than 50 (~0.05%) of support tickets were raised during the entire run of the program. Even, customization of reports was done in parallel to the program go-live, to optimize the turnaround time.

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