The story of how Think Talent’s 360 feedback solution helped a rapidly growing IT products firm in the development of its high-potential employees.


Project Brief:

A rapidly growing IT products firm had identified a group of high-potential employees & was exploring the possibility of taking them through a leadership development journey. It was decided to initiate this leadership development program using a 360 feedback process for each of these employees. The 360 feedback was to be followed by a set of 3 development discussion sessions where a senior coach from Think Talent was to guide them in internalizing the 360 feedback, chart a development plan, and guide the execution of the plan for the initial months.



Success Levers

The complete process was delivered virtually as the participants & the respondents were distributed across cities. Also, since a comprehensive development process was planned post the completion of the survey, support of the line managers (of the participants) was critical to ensure that the participants got their help in implementing their Individual Development Plans.



The Solution

The survey was conducted using the standard 360 feedback questionnaire for First Level Line Managers since the questionnaire more than adequately covered the competencies & development issues highlighted in the initial diagnosis process.

Considering how the organization was going through a 360-feedback process for the first time, Think Talent’s team created focused orientation communication for the participants & respondents to ensure clarity about the process, the assigned roles, and the fact that confidentiality of their responses was protected in the process.

Upon completion of the orientation sessions, the participants were requested to provide a list of respondents across different relationship levels. This list was validated by the HR team before being uploaded on the Think Talent NEXT 360 platform. The 360 surveys were deployed together for all the participants with the client team having an online dashboard to track the progress of each of the surveys.

The system was also configured to send reminders to respondents every alternate day. With some minor follow-ups, the survey was completed in 2 weeks.

Using the inputs provided by the respondents, Individual Reports were generated & shared with each participant. They also got the opportunity to have a series of 1-on-1 sessions with a senior coach from Think Talent. During the 1st session, the participants re-visited their reports to understand key emerging themes & create an Individual Development Plan for the next 6 months. During the 2nd session, the coaches reviewed the progress of the participants on the actions agreed in the development plan. They also helped participants further refine their goals as well as actions.

The 3rd session saw the participants in-line managers invited to be a part of this. Here they were briefed by the participants on their goals & progress made so far. The managers also then took over the responsibility of supporting & reviewing further progress on the IDPs.



The Outcome

As a part of the process, the participants were not only able to receive feedback but also work on it through a development plan. Given the difficulty of executing on behavioral development issues, the guidance from their coaches helped them get through the initial inertia & take action to work through these.