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The Objective

To simplify the hiring and promotions process and deploy multi-layered assessments for their sales force

The Challenge

The existing process needed streamlining in terms of time and effort as multiple geographic locations were involved. The content needed to be contextualized, and the relevant assessment tool needed to be mapped to the appropriate roles and levels.

The Experience

We partnered with them to plan, design, and deploy multi-layered assessments for the four key levels of their sales force, i.e., market representatives, area sales managers, regional managers, and national sales managers. Some key highlights of the program are as follows –

  • Assessment packs inclusive of the tools, relevant content, and complexity level were designed per the client’s work context
  • Individual reports are curated by expert assessors with detailed observations focusing on the development needs of individuals, instead of just reporting scores. 
  • The content is upgraded every year as per our recommendation to tackle the changing work dynamics.
  • A workshop on the reliability and validity of the assessment tools was held for the client HR leaders.
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The Impact

Our expertise in understanding the aspects and challenges of the pharma sector salesforce resulted in the successful deployment of multi-layered assessments at the client’s multiple locations. The process was decentralized with ownership assigned to location HRs, resulting in time, cost, and effort optimization. Due to the initial victory, repeat year-on-year engagements were done with the client from 2018 to till date.