How Think Talent enabled a leading engineering conglomerate to provide feedback to the top 200 leaders in the organization using 360 feedback methodology.

Engineering Conglomerate

Project Brief:

A reputed conglomerate (interests in engineering, power transmission and real estate) was looking for ways to provide effective feedback to the top 200 leaders in the organization. This was part of a wider effort to create a more evolved management cadre by creating a focused development road-map.



Success Levers

As this was the first time the organization was conducting a 360 process, great care and preparation went into the preparation. The respondent group being large (more than 2000 respondents) and spread across different levels and locations within the organization, operational excellence was required to achieve success.



The Solution

To begin with, Think Talent worked with the client’s HR team, to customize the survey questionnaire to the client competency framework. Thereafter, feedback was sought from senior leadership team to ensure alignment on questionnaire design. Parallelly, pilot surveys were conducted for 2 participants to iron out any operational issues.

The participants were informed using Think Talent’s communication templates and were requested to provide a list of respondents across different relationship levels. This list was validated by the HR team (client) before being uploaded in Think Talent NEXT’s 360 system.

The 360 survey were deployed together for all participants. The client was given an online dashboard to track the progress of each of the surveys. The system was also configured to send reminders to respondents every alternate day. With some follow-ups, the survey process was completed in 5 weeks. Using the inputs provided by the respondents, Individual Reports were generated and shared directly with each participant.

Given the sheer size of the number of participants, the conglomerate anted an alternative solution to Think Talent’s coaches providing one-on-one feedback for each participant. Hence, it was decided to use the “train-the-trainer” methodology to train the senior HR leaders in the organization on providing feedback using the 360 report.

A workshop was organized for about 12 senior leaders, who in turn provided feedback to the rest of the participants. At the end of the process, a Group Report was also created and shared the CEO.



The Outcome

The 360 feedback helped the client achieve the following –

Given the highly positive response to the initiative from Managers, the program has since been expanded to cover an additional 50+ managers across the group companies.