These standard learning journeys have been created with the principles of Levels of Leadership in mind. Each journey is designed to address generic issues for managers at different levels.

Based on our work with over 20,000 managers over the last 10 years, these:

Each learning journey consists of 3-7 video-based modules with self assessments and other learning aids built in. Mobile enabled, they allow for anywhere, anytime consumption.

Videos have become an integral part of our virtual learning methodology. Just in March 2021, we delivered more than 1 lakh video views to more than 20,000 learners.

In FY2020-21, more than 75% of the learning content on our platform was consumed on mobile devices & tabs.

Curated Learning Journeys

Suitable for cohort-based journey as virtual interactive sessions are compulsory.

This program builds a deep understanding in participants of how to leverage their personal styles to influence and collaborate across teams, functions and traditional organisational boundaries.

With a focus on experiential learning, this program aims to impart practical, ready to use knowledge to support participants in their journey towards becoming successful professionals.

Building an outside-in view, this program aims at supporting managers in being organisationally savvy and agile in adapting to the new asks of a fast-changing world.

By giving a jump-start to first-time managers, this program helps them excel in new roles and achieve greater success.

Using the digital boom as a backdrop, this program helps participants cultivate digital savviness in themselves and their teams, to push their organisations to the forefront of the digital wave.

Standard Learning Journeys

Suitable for managing large-scale deployment as virtual interactive sessions are optional.

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