Development Planning

There are many challenges to creating an Individual Development Plan. From being seen more of a checkbox exercise to poor quality of development plans, following up on IDP’s become difficult. The design of our IDP processes supports the individual with regular nudges & notifications.
  • Our digital platform brings together all stakeholders on the same page, through real time tracking
  • Our library of content provides better options around actions on each development area
  • The system design allows for existing client framework and learning solutions can be incorporated

How it Works?

Our technology platform, supported by content design capabilities, help deliver a seamless experience to participants & the administrator.
  • Think Talent’s proprietary standard content can be preloaded or we can incorporate client’s existing competency framework, learning goals, and activities
  • The HR administrator/Manager can track ongoing and completed IDP’s of their teams
  • Individuals can add and edit goals on an ongoing basis. They are regularly notified with reminders from the system to help achieve learning goals

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