A Day in the Week of an Employee - Meet the Person

Let us put our right side creative brain into play. Imagine a glossy glass building with various floors. While you take a walk inside, on every floor you see cubicles and tables with computer systems or laptops. Now as you move closer, immersed in those screens, you spot a human figure. Yes! That’s what we are talking about, the various humans spotted who are completely engaged with their screens called employees. A Employees, who form the backbone of every organization.

Who are they? They could be a male or a female, of different body types, some might be brilliant while some could be average, who, irrespective of other factors are pushing themselves beyond their potential for the success of the firm. Not just through their hard work but also through self-direction and motivation. They keep brainstorming ideas for project services or bagging new clients, to continuously add value to the organization.

Have you ever wondered what a typical working day for an employee looks like? To end your curiosity there, we will take you directly to one of the sources. Gear up for this special blog series: “A Day in the Week of an Employee” where we will be featuring a snapshot of everyday work-life of one of the backbones; sharing his emotions, thoughts and challenges right from the Monday Blues to the TGIF’s (Thank God it’s Friday).

This series revolves around Mohit Raman (a fictional character), a Project Manager for a large software development company based out of Mumbai.

Let’s meet Mohit personally first. Mohit, completed his Masters from Dublin and is currently settled and working in India. “I am a true Mumbaikar!” is what he calls himself after living and working for a decade now in Mumbai. A hodophile, an avid reader, likes listening to music and exploring history through travel and documentaries. He has lately found new love for gardening that helps him relax on stressful days.

On the work front, being an IT Project Manager, Mohit’s day to day responsibilities involve using IT to define, support, and deliver the company’s strategic plans. His responsibility starts right from the inception of a project to final completion. The core elements of his job are leading a team of people, organizing people skills, time management, project delivery and optimum utilization of available resources throughout.

Phew! The job of a PM as seen above is quite diverse requiring a myriad of skills. While writing this, I am listening to Jazz Music. Have you ever watched an orchestra perform live, or happen to watch the famous movie “Whiplash”? If yes, did you enjoy the role of Mr. Fletcher on screen? If not, whenever you watch a live orchestra playing or watch the movie,  notice the role of a conductor in an orchestra or a Jazz band. You might be thinking that I am going off topic, it will make more sense when you read further.

So, the person/conductor holds a baton and makes controlled hand gestures to signal the musicians. He might not be playing any instrument but without his commands, the entire symphony can degenerate into plain noise. He is the one who holds the entire team of musicians together and embodies leadership and collaboration.

Well, that’s what a Project Manager at work does! Mohit being the PM, is the maestro who runs the entire project. PM’s take a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Right from planning, coordination, identifying deliverables to eventually implementing the processes in sync with other team members as per the client or company specifications.

The requirement spelt out in a Project Management job description is no doubt very exciting, but it is also one of the most demanding job functions companies have on record. Mohit for sure must have become an expert delivering on his job responsibilities for a decade now.

Hope you liked meeting Mohit and knowing more about his days as a typical employee, as also about his role and responsibilities as an IT Project Manager. When we meet next, let’s get a glimpse of Mohit’s day to day activities during the week and also unravel the many nuances of him being a project manager. It’s complex but is it fun? We shall see.

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