Process owners must prepare well in order to ensure that the 360 feedback process is successful and delivers the intended results.

With online platforms, 360 feedback surveys are much easier to conduct. Most of the process including sending emails reminders to respondents and analysis and reporting on the result is automated. However, it is still a very sensitive process which, if not managed well, can become counter-productive by creating tensions within teams and causing serious anxiety to employees getting feedback.

Process owners, therefore, must prepare well in order to ensure that process is successful and delivers the intended results. Here are 5 tips to help process owners of 360 feedback process prepare thoroughly before the start of the process.

  1. Communicate actively to the employees receiving feedback, their managers as well as the leadership team on the survey process, how the results will be used and the intended organisational outcome of the process.
  2. Ensure that the Survey questionnaire meets the objective of conducting the survey.
  3. Review survey platform and process to ensure that respondent anonymity and confidentiality will be protected.
  4. Train employees receiving feedback on how to read and interpret the survey report. If possible, arrange for an internal or external expert to support the employee in this process.
  5. Communicate actively to all potential respondents before the survey. Emphasise how the process ensures anonymity of their responses and importance of their feedback in helping others develop.

In case you are running the 360 feedback process for the first time in the organisation, we recommend that you run a smaller pilot process first with fewer employees to bring out some of the issues and address them more effectively before the actual process. A thorough preparation using these tips can ensure that the survey design and team environment are just right to ensure that the 360 feedback process runs smoothly.

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